Summer Camp 2017 (Counselor Registration)

Counselor registration

Please read this description in full before registering, it will answer many of your questions.

Thanks for deciding to help with Summer Camp! Each year it takes quite a few volunteers to make everything run smoothly and you will be an important part of that.

Please note that your spot at camp costs $120 (for food and lodging). We understand that many of you are sacrificing time away from work and family responsibilities and that this is costly for you. However, anything that you are able to pay towards your spot makes a difference in the amount of campers that can receive scholarship money to attend.

Please read and abide by the camp guidelines and dress code (found here) before registering.

Please register with a current email address which you check regularly, this will be our primary means of communication in the weeks leading up to camp.

This year we have a strict deadline for counselor sign ups. We plan to send out counselor handbooks and assignments early so we need to know who we have beforehand. You must sign up before July 1 to be a counselor at camp. There is also a mandatory (for Michigan counselors) camp counselor meeting on July 13.

As always, please let us know if you have any additional questions about camp, registration, etc.

Please note that ALL volunteers will be background checked this year, including those who have completed one previously.

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Optional Add-Ons

  • Camp counselor fee (pay what you can or buy more than one!): $120
  • Camp Bank: $10

Event Details

  • Jul 16
    1:00 pm
    Jul 22
    4:00 pm
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